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We have given you a summary of what we do. It is, by far, not an exhaustive list. At your first appointment, we will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision on any treatment plan or plans that we may suggest.

Initial oral examination

Your initial oral examination includes a visual examination, charting, periodontal probing, and diagnosis and treatment recommendations. We will also take the relevant X-rays of the anterior (front) and posterior (back) teeth to reach a proper diagnosis of any decay or pathology.
An extra oral examination is also undertaken together with a through medical history.
As a practice, we truly believe that preventative care and education are the keys to optimal dental health. We strive to provide ‘dental health care’ rather than ‘disease care’. We are committed to empowering you with knowledge and giving you the tools to change your perception of oral health.

Initial Oral Examination

Scale and polish

It is important to have your teeth professionally scaled and polished , at least once every six months, to make sure your mouth is healthy. More frequent cleaning, dental X-rays and examinations may be necessary during the treatment of dental and other oral disorders. Periodontal disease, sometimes referred to as gum disease, is the most common disease on the planet. Our team, working with a periodontist, can tackle what may seem to be a lost cause.

Oral hygiene instructions

We will empower through photographs and video presentation to undertake effective home care.

Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic or aesthetic dentistry is a term that applies to dental procedures that help to create a pleasing appearance and restore your smile. These include white fillings, veneers, crowns, implants and teeth whitening, to mention a few. It is an area of dentistry where attention to detail comes in to play. We are dedicated to going the extra mile to give you the smile that you always wanted and that you deserve.

Cosmetic Denistry

Crowns and bridges

A crown is a cap, made from materials like gold or porcelain bonded to metal and placed on the top of a tooth. Typically, a crown is used to restore a tooth’s function and appearance following a restorative procedure such as root canal therapy. When the decay in a tooth has become so advanced that large portions of the tooth must be removed, a crown is often used to restore the tooth. A bridge is used to replace a missing tooth.

For more examples please visit our gallery page.

Dental Crowns and bridges
I highly recommend Sam as a dentist. I had badly worn front teeth due to poor health. I was embarrassed to smile and would avoid having my picture taken. With a baby on the way and my wedding to think about, I asked Sam for advice on how he could improve my smile. Sam was very knowledgeable in cosmetic dentistry and he offered me many options and explained everything to me thoroughly. Sam was very empathetic to my circumstances and I felt very at ease and comfortable talking to him. We decided that having composite veneers on my six upper front teeth would improve my smile dramatically – and it has! After just a few appointments I was very happy with the results. My friends and family have all noticed a huge boost in my confidence and I am the first to smile in a photo. My teeth look so natural, I get comments all the time that I have beautiful teeth and a lovely smile, and no one would ever suspect the work that has gone into them. I am so happy now, it has really changed my life and I can’t wait to smile at my wedding next year! Sam is a very experienced, friendly and professional dentist and I would trust him with any dentistry work.


Cosmetic fillings

Cosmetic tooth-coloured fillings are made from composite resins. Similar in colour and texture to natural teeth, the fillings are less noticeable and much more attractive than are other types of filling.

Cosmetic Denistry


An implant is a titanium screw that is placed in the area of the tooth normally occupied by the root. An implant is anchored to the jawbone or metal framework on the bone and acts as a foundation for an artificial tooth or permanent bridge. In some cases, implants can be used to attach dentures. We work closely with implantologists to achieve stunning results.


Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain or composite bonded over the front of the teeth to change their colour or shape. Veneers are used on teeth with uneven surfaces or that are chipped, discoloured, oddly shaped, unevenly spaced or crooked.


Teeth whitening procedure

Teeth whitening procedures are effective in restoring the bright smiles of people with stained, dull or discoloured teeth. We offer several teeth whitening options, ranging from our custom-made take-home kits to in-practice procedures in certain cases.

Whitening before and after

Fissure sealants

The use of fissure sealants is a dental treatment where a plastic material is applied to the biting surface of molar and premolar teeth for the purpose of preventing dental caries (cavities) or other forms of tooth decay. After curing, the plastic becomes a hard, thin layer covering the treated portions of the tooth.

Dental emergencies

Dental emergencies are unpredictable and very distressing. Our aim is to help you during this distressing event, quickly and effectively. For our regular patients we commit a generous amount of time designing a Treatment Plan that will help minimise the risk of needing emergency treatment.

Dental Emergencies

Root canal therapy

The root canal is the space within the root of a tooth that houses the pulp. Root canal therapy is a process where the infected pulp (in the space of the tooth) is removed and the space is cleaned out, disinfected and then filled to prevent any bacteria from seeping into the canal.

Root Canal

Extractions/Wisdom teeth

It is inevitable that, sometimes, extraction is the only option for a badly broken down tooth or for impacted wisdom teeth. We are very experienced in this field but will gladly refer you to a consulting oral surgeon if you require.


Many patients find a visit to the dentist to be a nerve-wracking experience. If you are a nervous patient, then sedation may be the solution for you. To help these patients feel at ease we offer oral sedation that will help calm you but remain conscious.


Dentures (more commonly known as false teeth) are removable prosthetic devices, which are constructed to replace missing teeth and are supported by surrounding soft tissues (such as the gums) and hard tissues (the teeth) in the mouth. Conventional dentures are removable. There are two types of denture: a partial (which replaces one or more missing teeth) and a full denture (which replaces all your teeth, on either the top or the bottom jaw). Making dentures is a fine art. We’ll strive to make your dentures look natural and give you something to smile about.


Sports dentistry

Sporting injuries are common in a sporting nation like New Zealand. A customised, well-constructed mouthguard is essential for any contact sport. It can make the difference between preventing serious dental trauma and a lifetime of wearing a denture or undergoing costly dentistry. We will make that difference for you by providing a well-adapted and fitting mouthguard that is specifically made to fit you so you can play with confidence.

Sports Dentistry